Ewelina Murach knitwear designer

I love knitting.

I love it even more when it’s seamless, with interesting detail or two, or a twist, something you wouldn’t expect. I’m a mostly self-taught knitter, who loves experimenting.

In my previous life (before my daughter was born in 2008), I was a teacher. However, after 13 years of teaching English as a second/ foreign language, I knew this wasn’t for me any more. I went to study Foundation in Art and Design at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London, not quite sure what I wanted to do afterwards – until I realised I could use some of the skills I learned there to design knits.

I’m helped by three very important people. The first one is my partner Amechi, who’s been supporting me ever since I wrote my first pattern, and who very patiently tolerates my ever-expanding collection of yarn. He’s also the only person who has never told me to go and find a ‘proper job’, instead of knitting.
The second very important person is our daughter Monika, 7 – my inspiration, my model and my Big Girl Fashion Adviser who tells me whether or not my designs for young ladies are any good.
My third helper is Tom, 1, who checks if yarns I’m going to use are strong and tasty enough (yes he tries to eat them).

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