Shawl Addiction

by Ewelina Murach on September 18, 2015

As every year, I’ve had a rather crazy summer.  Working from our living room/ kitchen, with my partner running his business in the same room, with Child Number One off school, practising her ballet moves all the time; and Child Number Two crawling and climbing at super speed (all four of us in the same space), it wasn’t easy to work… Oh did I mention we were looking for a new house?

So the knitting plans I had for the summer remained just that – plans. All complex project that required sizing and different sets of instructions had to be temporarily abandoned and put in a box. All I could manage was knitting a shawl – and got addicted!

As a result I have two new shawls (a few more on my needles).

The first one: Anais, a triangular, bias knit shawl, worked from the point on the left side of the shawl, with stitches gradually increased along the upper edge to form a triangle. The bind-off edge becomes the right side of the shawl.

Anais Shawl by Ewelina Murach

Anais Shawl by Ewelina Murach

Anais Shawl by Ewelina Murach

The second one, and my absolute favourite at the moment, is Stormy Monday: a triangular, bias knit shawl in five shades of grey – from soft light grey to charcoal, combining lace and garter stitch. You start knitting from the lace edge on the left side, gradually decrease stitches at the top edge forming a triangle, and end with just two stitches at the right tip.

Stormy Monday by Ewelina Murach

The shawl was inspired by the name and the colourway of the gradient yarn I used, Stormy Monday, from WooSheeps Etsy shop – they have lots of amazing yarns! I’ll be back to their shop as soon as we have moved house and things get back to normal.

Here are some more photos of Stormy.

Stormy Monday by Ewelina Murach

Stormy Monday by Ewelina Murach

You can get both patterns in my Ravelry store: Stormy Moday, Anais.

We are moving  next week so I’m likely to be offline for some time – see you in October.

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